Regulatory Complliance

Organizations both public and private, governments, not for profits, and even private citizens around the world are faced with information security challenges the World has never seen before. With hundreds of individuals and several organizations and to some extent some governments involved in cybercrimes, the challenge of preventing a cyber-incident, which could be unauthorized access, destruction, release, or modification to confidential data, will only increase. Some have even referred to this challenge as the third World war due to its impact around the World.

Three Quality Services will use a step-by-step approach and guidelines and best practices from the industry to work with Your organization to:

  • Assess its operations and systems to identify the cyber risks Your organization is exposed to.
  • Design and implement appropriate controls to enhance cyber resilience of Your organization to ensure CIA of Your organizations information.
  • Develop and implement appropriate policies and frameworks that Your organization could use to Protect data, quickly Identify breaches or compromises when they occur, quickly Respond from breaches and compromises, and Recover within the shortest possible time from breaches and compromises.


Three Quality Services uses industry best practices and guidelines from industry standards and models such as the Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR), NIST 800-30 model, and the SANS top 20 critical controls as the framework for our security risk analysis and controls implementation. Using these tools as our framework, we use a very simple approach to diligently work with our clients to assess their systems and operations to identify risks and their potential impacts on client's operations and work with them to design and implement appropriate controls.

Our simplified approach has 4 basic phases: -

  • Analyze
  • Identify
  • Develop and Implement
  • Maintain