Vulnerability and Penetration Testing

Our penetration tests leverage our deep knowledge of advanced persistent threats and attacker behavior, using tools, tactics and procedures we see every day during our incident response engagements.


3QS penetration tests are custom-tailored to your environment and needs, assessing specific aspects of your security program and the state of security of your critical systems, networks and applications. We take advantage of all the intelligence gained from our years of experience responding to the most sophisticated threat actors.


  • TARGET RECONNAISSANCE - Understand the environment, system or application being assessed.
  • VULNERABILITY ENUMERATION - Search for exploitable vulnerabilities that may exist in exposed services or PIs, applications or firmware, or social engineering.
  • VULNERABILITY EXPLOITATION - Attempt to exploit identified vulnerabilities using a combination of publicly available exploit code, commercial penetration testing tools and internally developed exploit code and tools.
  • MISSION ACCOMPLISHMENT - Gain access to the internal environment from the Internet, steal data from segmented environments or take control of a device and issue malicious commands.