Device Intelligence and Customer Authentication

3QS in partnership with InAuth have being able to provide advanced secure device intelligence and customer authentication systems. The products and services are divided into 3. Which include:

  • InMobile - Enhanced Authentication and Fraud Prevention for Mobile Applications
  • InBrowser - Next Generation Browser Intelligence & Protection
  • InRisk - Device Analysis & Risk Assessment through Business Rules

When a customer accesses your mobile app or website, InAuth leverages up to 2,000 device attributes to consistently and uniquely identify it.

InAuth combs the device to detect and assess high-risk indicators that have the potential for devastating consequences. We ensure that you know and understand the trustworthiness of every device interacting within your digital channels – mobile app, mobile web, and desktop.

Greater trust allows businesses to seamlessly authenticate good consumers, make more confident transaction decisions, and expand digital channel functionality without the fraud risk.

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