Complete Data Protection

3QS in partnership with Galaxkey is able to provive advanced security services in the following areas;

  • Email Security: Galaxkey provides user-friendly email security with high-level access control to protect and control entire emails: message, attachments and files.
  • Document Security: Galaxkey protects files when sharing, at rest and in storage, irrespective of type and size. Letting you protect your confidential data in a compliant way
  • Cloud Security: Galaxkey secures your files before you upload them to the cloud. Even if an attacker were to gain access to your secured files, they are unusable to them.
  • Secure Collaboration: Galaxkey lets you collaborate easily and securely with teams of internal and external users. Your data is always secure and under your control.
  • Secure Gateway: Galaxkey’s GSG reads emails and documents on the fly to keep your data secure even when your employees forget, so no sensitive data is transmitted if not secured.
  • Geofence: Galaxkey’s Geofence can confine data to your local area network, or a jurisdiction or a cloud you choose so that your data is securely restricted to your location of choice.
  • AI Engine: Galaxkey’s DP-AIE uses artificial intelligence to help you quickly and continuously identify, classify, protect and manage data to maintain data protection and compliance.
  • GDPR Functionality: Galaxkey’s GDPR functionality lets you manage the GDPR process, step by step, and protect personal information to meet your data protection responsibilities.
  • MFD-Secure: Galaxkey’s MFD-Secure (a hardware device) provides data protection for scans, emails and documents when using Galaxkey protected multi-functional devices.

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