Certified Chief Information Systems Security Officer

Certified Chief Information Systems Security Officer - The C|CISO Program teaches aligning technical knowledge with the overall vision of a business and make information security an enhancement rather than a detriment to an organization.

Security Consultant: The ability to:

  • speak business unit's language
  • understand regulatory requirements and challenges
  • maneuver stronger and more cost effective security measures to keep the CFO happy
  • show an ROI of the security investment and better protection to the company to keep the CEO happy

This skill requires an extremely rare combination of skill and quality which is limited in supply but very high in demand globally.

Security Services Companies:

  • Giving your people the right skill set ü to understand other parts of the company ecosystem such as HR, Finance, Audit etc.


  • to understand the challenges the organization would be facing in those areas


  • Help them provide solutions and
  • Acquire more business.


  • Enterprises have a SILO issue where business units often consider Security teams as roadblocks to their everyday work.
  • Heavy reliance on solutions and vendors for managing security which not only increases dependency and cost but often results in making the organization's more vulnerable.
  • Middle management in the security department is mostly technical with limited knowledge of other non technical departments that contribute to security such as Audit, finance, HR, IT etc.
  • The cost of getting a risk assessment done from outside and the drawbacks of not having a dynamic risk analysis done on regular basis

Government Agencies:

A Government institution's reputation is critical for the investors confidence. Hence, it is wiser to have a lower risk appetite and invest in the right skills for the people who are leading or managing the security divisions.

The Benefits

  1. Minimize Cost.
  2. Minimize exposure to 3rd parties.
  3. Maximize Vendor-Audit & control if outsourcing necessary.
  4. Minimize threat response time.
  5. Maximize personalized reports prevention & reaction strategies to address companies in particular issues.
  6. CCISO training cost is Investment while a Consulting contract is Expenditure.

Why you need it as