Your Secure Digital Transformation Partner’
3QS works with your institution to empower and accelerate your
digital transformation to effectively compete in a digital-first world.
We work with your teams to unify functionality from traditional
processes and new capabilities into a seamless secure digital
customer experience, drastically improving your product offerings.
3QS provides your teams with the necessary guidance, mentorship
and tools to improve core IT processes and develop fit-for-purpose
IT strategies and solutions that will help drive business objectives
and goals. We also ensure that your policies meet with regulations,
that your information is secure, and that you have business
continuity strategies in place.
We are on a mission to help institutions IMAGINE!
Our people apply our company values to all day-to-day dealings with
each other and our clients. Our core beliefs are intrinsic to our corporate
culture, driving our business and, ultimately, the delivery of services for
our clients.
These values represent who we are and what we hold on to all the time.
Cutting edge-We believe that diffusion and creation of
technology is important in growth. We present a built to fit low risk innovation
experience; this is with the emerging development of global innovation systems.
Latitude-Give you the opportunity to work hand
in hand with us while independently allowing our
clients to design a personalized plan that suits
their requirement.
Superlative- Our services are customer centric and
delivered to the highest degree of passion and
enthusiasm. We are committed to understanding and
exceeding our customer’s needs and expectations.
Astute- We take our time to understand and
skillfully examine the situations presented to
us and apply our best resources to develop
fitting solutions. We always thrive to bring in
fresh talents and fresh ideas to our customers.
Spiritual- In an opportunity to grow and contribute to
society in a meaningful way, we aspire to move our
clients from their current position, to a better place
regardless of the current circumstances. We will work
with them to imagine and move to improve situations
and regardless of how they interact with us, we want
them to feel better having done so.
Our team has amassed sector and industry experience and
expertise. We work together to deliver and implement
unparalleled technical excellence and quality of services.
3QS most valuable asset is the team of experts that work to
build long-term partnerships with our clients and deliver
superior services.
We ensure that only the most qualified and experienced
people are introduced to our clients to bring the best in class
competencies, training and consultancy.
Our prime mandate is to create a secure electronic payment
platform and a safe zone for Cyber Security in Africa.
Our simple and effective four step methodologies are
Analyze, Identify, Develop and Implement and Maintain. We
use our experience and knowledge to work with our clients to
design and implement appropriate systems, processes,
policies, procedures and knowledge
Unique Selling Point
Our Products
Our Products Category:
Enterprise &
BeSpoke ICT
Cyber Security
Our Passion
Our passion, purpose and focus are on development and
improvement of a secure Electronic Payment space in Africa, which
has seen us provide a full range of payment and innovation services
at all levels to the Market.
At Three Quality Services we support your organization/institution
with comprehensive Cyber security, Payment and Enterprise
Architecture evaluation of your enterprise operations and systems to
enable you to re-examine current business and imagine future
secure business in a competitive landscape.
Using our in-depth experience, knowledge and extensive resources,
3QS is able to deliver seamless technical and non-technical
solutions to a range of clients. Regardless of client size, our
specialized team ensures that every customer enjoys an integrated
service driven experience.
We are uniquely qualified to assist our clients in creating an
innovative and secure environment by helping them imagine and
actualize their visions.
The Vision Bearers
David Kanyanjua- Board Director & Chief Executive Officer.
With over 20years experience in Banking, Information Technology, Project Management Strategy and
Electronic Payments, David provides thought leadership skills and profound ability to articulate, identify
right solution, right vendor and the right implementation methodology. He has worked with Standard
Chartered Bank and was exposed to local regional and global ICT planning and delivery. He has also
worked with Co-operative bank, where he helped the bank develop the Co-op Switch platform as the
Initiator, Architect and Project Manager. Achievements: He worked with Equity bank where he
succeeded bringing together all International Payment Networks( VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners,
Discover, PayPal, Google, Western Union, MoneyGram, HomeSend, JCB & UPI and others) to be
partners with Equity bank in 5 countries. He initiated and executed many projects in formal career.
David now lives a personal ambition of creating innovative secure Financial Payments space in private
and public Sector in Africa
Dominic Boamah- Board Director Strategy
He is a founding member of Three Quality Services, with almost 2 decades of experience in the
Software/Information Assurance/Cyber Security/Testing Quality Engineering and Project Management
industry, he is also a certified Secure Lifecycle Professional advocate for ensuring data security through
Secure software development.
He is very passionate about bringing valuable global assets and opportunities in Africa and bridging the
gap between the study of ICT in higher education and the role of ICT in business.
Achievements: He is Assistant Dean of Trimester Graduate IT Programs at the School of Accelerated
Degree Programs, Lindenwood University; Dominic’s expertise also includes working for international
organizations like Nokia and Anristu where he has lead teams through several complex software
assurance projects, serving as the Project Manager.
We are ready and willing to work with your company scale with our highly-
effective, researched and proven IT strategies. Implement innovative
technical solutions by partnering with our information technology
consultancy firm today.
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